- Principles -

Our Principles

In short, we CARE about people and this is reflected in the way we go about our daily business:


we seek to bring out the creativity invested in each person in an atmosphere of partnership and wholehearted participation


we believe that people flourish in an atmosphere of fun and friendship and find any excuse for a party!  


we aim to help one another move beyond ideas and aspiration into a place of purpose and productivity


we are willing to meet people at their worst and to see them at their best, looking beyond what is happening on the surface to bring out the beauty on the inside


we encourage one another to work hard, make wise choices and take responsibility for our actions


we set and seek healthy rhythms for all of life which enable us to be present and make the most of every moment


we cultivate a context for learning through experiencing both success and failure, finding freedom in being able to explore new things


in all we do, we want to encourage and equip people with a spirit of saying ‘go for it’ and ‘you can do it’!